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TV Producers Release Form

Dear Contributor, If you wish to submit a program or bulletin, please read the following guidelines to have your programing broadcast on New Paltz Public Access Channel 23.

Responsibility for the content of these submissions rests with the individuals and organizations submitting the programs.
Persons submitting content must live, work or be a student within the New Paltz viewing area. Minors submitting programs or announcements will be required to have a parent or guardian sign this form.
The following restrictions apply to all public access programming and bulletin board announcements. They may not contain:

  • Solicitation, advertising, bartering or promotion of commercial products, services or transactions.*
  • Material that is slanderous, libelous, an invasion of privacy or made unlawfully;
  • Material that promotes any illegal activities;
  • Material that depicts cruelty to animals;
  • Material that is obscene.
  • Material concerning lottery information, gift enterprise, or similar schemes; 
 Unlawful use of material requiring union residual or other payment including but not limited to talent and crew;
  • Unlawful use of material that is copyrighted or subject to ownership or royalty rights, right of publicity, or other payment. Legal and fiscal responsibility for use of any such submitted material rests solely with the Channel User and not the NP Public Access TV committee or the Village or Town Boards they represent.

*Note that this does not restrict programs that cover local businesses, to encourage awareness of local merchants and/or to encourage a “shop local” theme. Such programming should demonstrate a reasonable effort to be equitable in the topics/merchants who are covered. Channel users may not require compensation from individuals in exchange for programs or bulletin board items appearing on NP PATV.

Solicitation by non-profits

  • Solicitation of funds during programs or as part of a bulletin board announcement is limited to non-profit organizations providing evidence of not-for-profit status. The not-for-profit organization must be a sponsor or co-sponsor of the program or announcement. Only Non-profit organizations physically located in New Paltz may fundraise.

    Religious organizations (such as churches, synagogues, mosques, and other places or worship) may not fundraise on New Paltz PATV.

All programming is subject to review by the Public Access Coordinator and the Public Access Committee. All submissions must be in compliance to the full New Paltz Public Access Program and Bulletin Board Policies which can be found here:


PROGRAMING MAY BE SUBMITTED BY SUBMITTING A YOUTUBE URL OF YOUR PROGRAM, DROPBOX (or any other file service that allows downloads), VIMEO, or you can send file directly to Public Access TV at:
email link or file directly to:

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